Being very economical, “Cream” is the perfect option for industrial areas where extreme floor strength is required. It is also the obvious choice for large commercial areas subject to high traffic. As the concrete is coating free, the surface will keep the sheen for a longer period of time and is therefore more power efficient by reflecting natural light. As the polished concrete cost varies majorly on the exposure of the stones, Cream is a great contemporary and durable option for both commercial and residential buildings.


1. Harden using HiperHand Densifier/Hardener applied by broom

2. Remove excess HiperHand Densifier/Hardener using 50 grit resin bond pads

3. Apply lick coat of HiperHand Densifier/Hardener – allow to dry

4. Remove HiperHand Densifier/Hardener with 100 grit resin bond

5. Repeat 6 if required

6. Remove HiperHand Densifier/Hardener with 200 grit resin bond

7. Polish with 400 grit--------------------------------Matt Finish

8. Polish with 800 grit--------------------------------Satin Finish

9. Polish with 1500 grit

10. Polish with 3000 grit-------------------------------Full Gloss

11. Apply 2 coats Hiperguard Enhancer plus sealer – allow to dry

12. Buff off excess Enhancer

Concrete Requirements- Concrete needs to be 32 mpa strength or higher and well cured. The concrete has to be completely flat and hit with the helicopter to achieve a burnished finish multiple times so it leaves the concrete completely smooth