Grind & seal

The same grinding steps are taken with this approach as with polishing concrete and your options of aggregate are the same. A light grind show only small traces of rocks and stone while a full grind exposes all the aggregate below. The difference lies in how the floor is finished and brought to a shine. In this method the floor is grinded and then sealed with either a turps/solver or water based polyurethane coating very similar to how a polished timber floor is finished. Similiar wear and tear characteristics can be shared with sealed concrete and polished floorboards.

This method has the advantage of being more affordable than polished concrete as it generally is a much faster process after the iitial grind is completed. The product looks great and still offers high durability, resistance to stains and is still environmentally friendly. Some concrete floors, typically those of poor strength and bond cannot be polished even after hardening of the surface. This is where a grind and seal will be the next best option. Also available for outdoor


1.Grind with 30 grit to desired exposure

2.Grind with 60 grit to remove scratches

3.Grind with 120 grit to further remove scratches

4.Thorough clean

5.Apply at least two coats of sealer

Concrete Requirements- Concrete needs to be 28 mpa strength or higher