salt & pepper

Salt and pepper polished concrete finish can be finished with a matte, satin or high gloss Finish. To achieve a salt & pepper finish, the concrete needs to be in reasonable condition, as we just light grind the top to expose small quantity of aggregates. It’s a very popular choice for restaurants, coffee shops and retail.

Salt and pepper 1
Salt and pepper 1

Salt & pepper 3
Salt & pepper 3

Salt and pepper 2
Salt and pepper 2

Salt and pepper 1
Salt and pepper 1


1. Grind with 60 grit 

2. Apply GM3000 while grinding 100/120 grit to fill small holes and imperfections

3. Harden using HiperHand Densifier/Hardener applied by broom

4. Remove excess HiperHand Densifier/Hardener using 50 grit resin bond pads

5. Apply lick coat of HiperHand Densifier/Hardener – allow to dry

6. Remove HiperHand Densifier/Hardener with 100 grit resin bond

7. Repeat 6 if required

8. Remove HiperHand Densifier/Hardener with 200 grit resin bond

9. Polish with 400 grit--------------------------------Matt Finish

10. Polish with 800 grit--------------------------------Satin Finish

11. Polish with 1500 grit

12. Polish with 3000 grit-------------------------------Full Gloss

13. Apply 2 coats Hiperguard Enhancer plus sealer – allow to dry

14. Buff off excess Enhancer

Concrete Requirements- Concrete needs to be 28 mpa strength or higher